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Dance Co Fest is hoping to hold a gala as part of the 2023 event. The gala will be held on Wednesday, March 22nd. All teams are welcome to participate. Performing in the gala will not be mandatory.


Participating companies will have the opportunity to take the stage together with dance students from Utah Valley University, BYU, the University of Utah, USU Eastern and more!


Companies participating in the gala will be required to sell tickets, and can use the profits from ticket sales as a team fundraiser. 


The schedule for our day will be very tight. Please make every effort to be on time to masterclasses and adjudication. Masterclasses will end 10 minutes before the hour, but teams may also arrange to leave slightly earlier with the instructor, if needed. 

Dance Company Festival will not be able to make schedule allowances or changes the day of the event, or provide discounts for students who cannot attend the full event.

All adjudications are held in the main theater at the Covey Center.

Masterclasses are held in the dance room on the second floor. 

Segments of the day blocked out for observation are not mandatory, they are an invitation for your students to watch and learn.

Safety is a top priority. DCF will follow the Covey Center's COVID-19 protocols, and we will keep you informed about changes.


No midriffs, strapless or backless clothing permitted, and this applies for the full day: adjudication, gala and classes.

Dance Company Festival exists to perpetuate a positive image of dance culture and bodies. Coaches, please screen choreography to omit any sexual, suggestive, unsafe or threatening actions.


Men will have a separate assigned dressing room.

Teams will be responsible for their belongings all day. Dance Company Festival and the Covey are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Teams may leave personal belongings in dressing rooms ONLY during assigned adjudication session. Please clear out dressing rooms immediately following adjudication to make room for the next teams.

Dance Company Festival participants may not damage or alter the venues or resources such as tables, tents, dressing rooms or mirrors. If any damage occurs to the Marriott or the Covey Center by students from any program, that program will be financially responsible. This includes proper protection on shoes that may damage the Marley floors. All Ballroom Company dancers must wear heel guards, and this will be checked and verified. Our venues have security cameras to hold us all accountable for behaving respectably. 

Dancers must be tidy, throw away their trash, and be considerate and polite to all staff, judges, directors and fellow dancers.


Coaches and dancers must make their own arrangements for meals. There are many options on Provo Center Street within walking distance, but it is recommended to keep your team together and on time for all scheduled events.

On occasion, the schedule for a team may not allow time for lunch or dinner. Consider packing lunches and snacks. A successful idea is to have parents organize meals for your teams and provide that food at the Covey Center.

Food is not permitted in the theater at any time.

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