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DCFA values all genres of dance and emerging contemporary forms, we welcome any and all of your Company pieces. 
Dance Co Fest accepts student-choreographed work, as well as professionally choreographed dances.
Judges conversations with student choreographers will center around choreographic elements, dance technique and presentation. Judges conversations with teams about professionally choreographed work will center around performance and technique.
Dance Co Fest 2023 may feature a gala performance. DCF is exploring the return of the gala performance, but DCF remains committed to keeping the festival open to the greatest number of student choreographers as possible. 
In addition to the verbal feedback from our panel of judges, students’  work will receive a written evaluation and will be rated on an Excellent, Outstanding or Superior basis. Ratings are disclosed on judging sheets only.
One piece from each school will be selected for a Judge's Choice Award. All teams will also enjoy a masterclass.

All dance companies are welcome to present ballroom, and we will build judging panels and masterclasses with your ballroom company students in mind!

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